2018 PJW Area 4 Youth Qualifier

Welcome to the 2018 PJW Area 4 Youth Qualifier. This years tournament will be run using TrackWrestling. If you are not familiar with TrackWrestling, here is a quick how to and a direct link at bottom of post.

  • Hub – This is your starting point.
  • Dashboard – This displays a live update of current matches on every mat.
  • Brackets – You can get an updated bracket immediately following the completion of any match. 
  • Mat Assignment – Here is where you will follow to see where wrestler’s next match will be. Parents can use the weight schedule to follow a certain weight and coaches can use the team schedule to follow their team. For both the weight and team schedule the mat number, once assigned will be above bout number.

If you do not have an internet capable device or prefer not to use it, there will also be mat assignment display boards in various locations.  We will be running 6 mats most of the day and each will have 3 matches assigned. If your match number is within 18 of the match being wrestled on any mat, then your match has been assigned to one of the 6 mats. 

Click Here To Follow The 2018 PJW Area 4 Youth Qualifier On TrackWrestling

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